The software branch of Valpar is out of business as of March 31, 2020,

but SIGI 3 is Alive and Well

WHAT?!    What happens to my Valpar Software?

Nothing - it will be fine. Read on ...
  • Your Valpar software will still operate and you can continue to use it as you always have, for as long as you like.
  • Software Update and Support service (SUS) for all products will continue normally through the closing date for customers with a paid-up subscription.
  • A paid-up SUS subscription gives you access to the latest version of your software, including the final update that will be released in March. If your SUS expires before the closing date, please email us for renewal information.

On-Line Support is now available:
  • The problem-solving knowledge we have accumulated over the last several decades will be placed on this web site along with various indexes for ease-of-access.
  • VCAT and Metered Aviator customers will be able to purchase additional Uses via credit card.
  • There will be a process for resolving authorization and de-authorization issues.
  • There will be instructions for installing Valpar software via the Internet.

This will have no effect on BASES of Virginia and Valpar Work Samples.
They will continue to manufacture, sell, and support these products.
SIGI 3 is still available. Please contact us for more information. more info at the SIGI web site.

Metered version for low-cost entry
An assessment and career exploration tool for youth and adults. Aviator's validated computerized assessment measures interests and work-related skills, and uses the results to search the included occupational databases. Full reporting, including custom reports.

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English and Spanish Skills Assessment

Our most comprehensive product
A modular assessment system with validated on-computer assessment of job-related skills, interest surveys, wage and employment data, searchable occupational databases (DOT, O*NET, Local), work sample scorer, work history, standardized test conversion, the Occupational Outlook Handbook, high-level spatial and non-verbal assessments, and a client database search. Full reporting, including custom reports.

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English and Spanish Skills Assessment

Transition Plans


Dropout Prevention
Career exploration for high school and middle school students. Nine self-directed surveys measure most DOT factors, interests, and Holland codes. Results used to search the integrated occupational database.

Includes an occupational database with 1,300 entries, the complete Occupational Outlook Handbook, 500+ occupational videos, DOL wage and employment data, 4-year class schedules, and full audio.

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Low-cost metered software
The Valpar Computerized Assessment Test is a low-cost validated assessment with a searchable occupational database and full reporting. All assessment is on-computer. Group or individual administration. An entire VCAT assessment, with reports, can be done in under 45 minutes.

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English and Spanish Skills Assessment

Some spare parts only
The Joule system is no longer available but we do have a limited supply of spare parts - weights, peg board pegs, core lift flip charts and other small items.

The larger components - racks, shelves, bolt panel, foot pedal, peg board, push and pull plates - are not available.

Computer Requirements for Valpar Software

Windows: 32- and 64- bit versions of XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.
Memory: The minimum required to run your version of Windows is sufficient
Disk Space: 300 MB or less
Networks: Windows 2000 - 2016
SIGI Note: SIGI is an Internet-based product and will run in the major broswers.
Work Sample Information

Valpar Component Work Samples are now manufactured, sold, and supported by Bases of Virginia. Please contact them for more information.
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