VCAT gives you more for your money - superior assessments, clear reports, an extensive embedded occupational database, and superb customer service. It's fast and easy, too!

VCAT's multifunctional approach to career assessment encompasses aptitude and academic assessment, a pictorial forced-choice interest survey, and job searching. Valpar's skills-based assessment technology makes VCAT a reliable and valid tool that is easy to administer. It's fast and cost-effective, too - all subtests and surveys can be completed in under 60 minutes.

See what VCAT has to offer
  • Assessment in English or Spanish - select by Client
  • Easy to use - no computer science degree required
  • Quick - under 60 minutes for all assessments
  • Criterion-referenced, valid, and reliable
  • Administer to individuals or groups
  • Full audio component for both English and Spanish
  • Embedded O*Net database with customizable search options
  • Full reporting - Counselor Report, Parent Report, Job Match Report, Administrative Report - for individuals or groups
  • Grade-level scores for reading, spelling, vocabulary, and math
  • Measures all GED factors(RML), seven Aptitude factors (GVNSPQC), and Interests

Superior Assessments
VCAT provides a criterion-referenced battery of short tests whose scores refer to work-related factors of the DOL Revised Handbook for Analyzing Jobs (RHAJ). It also assesses basic Math and Language skills based on curricula typically taught in U.S. schools from grade four through college freshman.

Academic skills are reported in GED and grade levels for reading, math, spelling, and vocabulary. Aptitudes measured include: (G) General Learning Ability, (V) Verbal, (N) Numerical, (S) Spatial Perception, (P) Form Perception, (Q) Clerical Skills, (C) Color Discrimination.

Pictorial Interest Survey

This survey assesses an individualís job-related interests for use in career exploration and job/training placement. It is appropriate for Transition, Workforce Development, and Welfare-to-Work programs. Vocational interests are surveyed through a pictorial /audio presentation of over 100 jobs. The survey is administered and scored on the computer.

Embedded Occupational Database

Based on the latest O*NET, the database contains over 1000 occupations, each with a full skills profile. Use one or more of the assessment results to find matching occupations and print them out on the Job Match Report.

Superior Customer Service

All Valpar products are supported by a customer service department that is knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. Our name and reputation stand behind every copy of VCATís software. ď...Over the years, the technical support you get from Valpar has not just been great, itís been outstanding.Ē NSSEO, IL.


$495 Starter Package provides the software and 50 assessments. Additional assessments are $12.00 - $8.95 each, depending on how many are purchased. The are no on-going fees.

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