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Magellan 7 Upgrade Order Form (PDF format).


Check out new Magellan 7

  • New Look
  • Now over twice as many Job Video Clips (547 total) accessible over the Internet
  • Updated OOH (Occupational Outlook Handbook) Data
  • The latest DOL Wage and Employment Data
  • Updated Internet Hot Links

Plus all the great features from previous versions

  • Assessments and Surveys – all self-directed
    • Academics
    • Data Skills
    • Holland Codes (pictorial)
    • Interests, Forced Choice (pictorial)
    • Interests, Ranked (pictorial)
    • People Skills
    • Physical Skills
    • Temperaments (pictorial)
    • Time Commitment
  • Occupational Database
    • 1,300 entries – includes the latest O*NET
    • Task-oriented job descriptions
    • Cross-referenced to:
      • All Assessment and Survey results
      • The Occupational Outlook Handbook (included)
      • Magellan Video Clips (over 500 via the Internet)
      • Magellan 4-Year Class Schedules (over 65 included)
      • Vocational Biographies through Series G
      • Delphi Career Videos
      • Enter Here Videos
  • Features
    • Full audio for all surveys, job descriptions, and OOH information
    • Modifiable 4-Year Class Schedules so you can match your school’s academic plans.
    • Internet HotLinks – add your own content to Magellan
    • Design custom activity plans by teacher and class
    • Customize your own reports
  • Options
    • Ready-made curriculum booklets for getting the most out of Magellan
    • Magellan Video Clips on a USB thumb drive
  • Who Uses Magellan
    • High school and Middle school students
    • Special Education programs for creating Transition Plans and IEPs that are meaningful to students and parents
    • Drop-out Prevention Programs

More information: Download a Magellan brochure here (PDF format).

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Winner of the Curriculum Administrator Districts' Choice Award - Top 100 Products [award]

What's the secret to increasing student motivation?

When your students know what they want to do to earn a living — when they discover for themselves viable job options, and make the connection between school and later life - their motivation and interest in learning will rise dramatically. Magellan helps them make that connection and turns potential drop-outs into graduates.


The essential ingredient in Magellan that separates it from the pack is "career assessment". Assessment has been Valpar's business for over 37 years and we've brought this expertise to career exploration.

Magellan uses 9 assessments and performance-based surveys to measure 12 interest areas and 27 criterion-referenced factors based on the U.S. Department of Labor's "Revised Handbook for Analyzing Jobs." Magellan's academic skills assessment is based on Valpar's field-proven assessment software. Magellan's surveys delve into physical skill factors, temperaments, interaction with people and data, and time commitment. Two interest surveys, and a Holland Code survey round out the suite.

The results of each assessment are used to explore Magellan's database of over 1250 occupations, each described in terms of the 27 factors. Explorers can see occupations related to their own skills, abilities, and desires. Just as importantly, they can see how lack of a particular skill can affect career choices.


The explorer's goal is to find 5 Top Picks in the database. The assessment and survey tools provide a powerful method of exploring the database and the data sources give the explorer the necessary information to make their picks. Magellan's data sources include:

Magellan is READY to GO

Like Ferdinand Magellan, Valpar's Magellan is ready to go:

  • It can run on one computer or a network
  • It can be self-directed, requiring little or no counselor intervention
  • It is easily configured to provide a fixed sequence of activities
  • Optional courseware is available, providing ready-to-use class curriculum
  • It can be used throughout a student's school career.

Magellan is very affordable.
Call 800-633-3321 for pricing.
  • Stand Alone - one copy, for one computer
  • 5-Station Lab Pack - 5 installs for 5 non-networked computers in one physical site*
  • Site - 50 installs for non-networked computers in one physical site*
  • Network - 50 concurrent users on one network, serving one physical site*
  • Subscription - annual license for a network or stand-alone

    *(e.g. a high school campus)

  • System Requirements (Version 7.0 or greater)
    • 32 and 64 bit versions of XP, VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
    • 300 MHz Pentium or better
    • 512 Mb of RAM XP only, 2 GB Min for Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10
    • 12X CD or DVD
    • SVGA or DVI Monitor
    • 50 MB of disk space for basic software and database
    • Audio Instructions require 240 MB of disk space and must reside on the hard drive to be accessible.
    • Video Clips are accessed via Internet or on an optional 16 Gig thumb drive for $50.00
    • Networks: Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012
    • Internet Access is required for software authorization. Phone based authorization available upon special request.

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