Comments from our Joule FCE Users
Customers Agree - Joule is the Best FCE on the Market

East Carolina University has a new way to evaluate rehab progress after injury.

Work Conditioning Referrals Increase With Joule

Looking for Reliability in an FCE? Dean Therapy Center Found It!

“An effort has been made to include and consider so many facets that are fundamental to FCEs. Adaptability is excellent!”

Lyndsey Swart, OT, South Africa

“What I like about Joule is the way [it] really isolates the function you're trying to measure and uses objective, performance-based signs along with self-report to determine safe limits of functional capacity.”

Miriam Wedemeyer, MS OTR/L, BCN Ergonomics

“We are proud and excited to be the first Canadian rehabilitation company to acquire the Valpar Joule FCE System. Through my years of dealing with FCEs in the automobile Insurance industry, the Joule has proven to be the first and only FCE System I've seen to provide versatility and adaptability.

Valpar understands that function is a dynamic component of life that cannot be assessed by a single static protocol. This is a big step for the rehabilitation world. Congratulations Valpar!”

Sebastien Ferland, O.T.

“Valpar offered a comprehensive and intensive training session that reduced the required down time at our office. When comparing the Joule FCE System to the current systems in our community, it is evident that Joule is based on sound research and makes smaller inferential leaps, which is optimal when establishing evidence-based practice in Occupational Therapy.

I look forward to introducing this flexible and dynamic system to our community.”

Susan Novo, O.T.

“Twenty-five years as a rehabilitation professional has brought many new evaluation products across my desk. Many have come and gone, which allows me to thoroughly compare various testing modalities. CVE is pleased to select Valpar Joule FCE system for its new modality for its Medical and O.T. departments. As well, it is proving to be a fine compliment for the PDA and Vocational Assessment departments. Congratulations to Valpar in their continual quality improvement.”

John McLean, CEO CVE

“Our referrals for FCEs has significantly increased (since using Joule). I like the flexibility to adapt or modify the FCE for a one or two day test. Physicians and companies also like the one or two day option for testing.”

Mirjana Tess, OTR

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